Contour Crafting...
These guys are building house printers - or trying to. They've realized that the printhead can do more then just lay down structural material , that wires and insulation can be added at the same time. I imagine code compliance and unions may interfere with automated plumbing.
But they have no provision for scaffolding material - which in its cheapest form would just be sand.
So floors and roofs have to be craned on, after the fact.
Its a start, but its not far enough for my taste.
I want the machine to print a complete finished building. The potential for disaster relief, for instance.Rather than hordes of trailers,(for those lucky enough), or crude tarps and tents, machines could just start to spit out rows of houses.
Also, if the machine can embed wires and pipes, it should be able to embed steel reinforcing. Which means that structures can be built in quite radical shapes and forms.
Very thin walls, for instance, saving on printing time and material cost.
Another thing I haven't seen yet, is that if the concrete could be printed in a 'foamed' state, if the walls could be filled automaticly with tiny air cells, then the concrete would have significant insulation properties.
Considering that nearly everywhere on earth is either too hot or too cold to be comfortable, this is a major point. Of course, the print resolution would have to be small, but for a good finished surface, we want a good resolution, anyways.
Khoshnevis is also working on a concrete mixing printhead, which is an excellent idea. I've wanted a handheld one for years, its been a hot topic with me every time I've sweated over a wheelbarrow of concrete.
The use of automated trowels to modify the surface is also quite interesting.

But really guys, change the 'C's to 'K's Kontour Krafting....It sounds so '50's!

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