I observed something odd about a month ago, and I can't find anything to verify it.
I try to be a careful observer, and there were witnesses, so I'm not talking about a hallucination or a dream.
I was driving to Moncton from Sussex along the four-lane highway, in the afternoon.
I was the passenger, and my wife was driving. We were just short of Petitcodiac...perhaps a kilometer away from the offramp. The highway is divided by a strip of land about a hundred feet wide, with small trees and shrubs.
An aircraft was flying down the strip of land towards us. It was a white aircraft, driven by a single propeller, with a Tee-tail configuration and no apparent markings or identification numbers.
The skin had the glossy sheen of fiberglass gelcoat.
I can't remember if I could see landing gear or not. There was no windows, and it carried a black
pod on its back. The pod was quite large, perhaps 1/3rd the volume of the fuselage.
It was flying within a hundred feet of the ground. Speed was difficult to judge, as were were traveling at 110km/h towards it, but it didn't seem to approach any faster than traffic in the opposite lane would. I would judge its velocity to be no less than 80 km/h and no more than 130.
It could see its wingtips rock back and forth through a few degrees as it flew - the day was quite gusty.
I have never seen a picture of an RPV like it, but I am quite sure that it was not a small plane. The legality of its actions seem dubious, flying that close and low to the highway and town.
A mystery, all the more irritating in the way I can find nothing to refer to.

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