Recent events have made me aware of the amount of time I spend repairing my computers after virus & Trojan Horse attacks.
I've spent an average of four hours a month on these problems for the last several years: ever since I got broadband internet access, although I will admit the 'Net seems a lot more hostile than it used to be.
Extrapolating over forty years more the Internet use ( assuming, of course, that the Internet is still around in some form, forty years from now) means I'll expend 1920 hours. 1920 hours spent in 8-hr 'standard-working-day' segments is 240 days.
Twenty days short of a Standard Working Year.
I don't know what my yearly income will be in forty years, but I can guess that dealing with this bullshit is going to cost me the labor-equivalent of around
thirty thousand dollars.
In today's dollars.

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