The Devil's Conjecture

The Devil's Conjecture:

Either humanity has a limit to its cognitive capacity, a limit that our global society is pressed tightly against, OR
 we're  doing a really really crummy job of sentient beings.

'Limits to Thoughts' or 'merely crappy'?
 On nearly every metric*, we suck.
Antibiotic resistance, environmental pollution, resource wastage, overpopulation, (non)educational systems, politics that haven't evolved since Cato...oh, and lets not forget about asbestos, vaccinations, nuclear waste, nuclear weapons, germ weapons, biome destruction, heavy metals, bureaucracy...**

It may be that our stupidity is the only thing that saves us: we're children playing with matches in a fireworks factory, but luckily, we cannot manage the skill necessary to successfully strike a single match.

So is this just a corollary of Sturgeons Law: e.g. '90% of everything is crap'?
Including, of course, 90% of this post.

* Apparently excluding Moore's Law.
**Took 30 seconds to generate this list, and ipso facto I must be missing a lot of really really obvious topics.

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