Doctor Monologue and the Unsurprisingly Sinister Dwarf

Dracula Vs Frankenstein - the Lon Chaney version - is not really any more coherent than its titular cousin. But it does feature the most useless Dracula I have ever encountered. Honestly, you could have replaced him with the Count from Sesame Street:  it might have made his monologue a little more boring but not by much.
It was even stranger because he was a ringer for Dr. Furter* except without the crossdressing. Pity, crossdressing might  have made the movie more entertaining.
This should be the Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus matchup of the sixties. Instead we get Doctor Monologue and the Nefarious Dwarf Versus the Sensible Hippies/Beatniks.

Somehow less chilling than the billing promised.

The story does continue the tradition of Dr. Frankenstein involved in irrelevant research, and I did get to watch Lon Chaney imitate the Monster from 'Daughter of Frankenstein' , rather than anything Karloff-y**, but it was too bad they left his head in the oven until it melted.

* Rocky Horror Picture Show. Did I actually have to footnote this?
**Frankenstein's Monsters hate to bend their elbows or knees. Cheap servos?

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