'In Russia, the 'x' 'y'es you"

Perhaps one could increase the number of pagehits for a given blog by engineering oneself onto Big Brother watchlists?
How often would the NSA actually scan a blog? What about all the other secret police?
If this could be monetized - perhaps with some sort of ad revenue,  I may have hit on my next* Get-Rich-Quick scheme.
Now consider that non-human(but non-alien**) traffic is reputed to exceed human traffic on the Net.
The right sort of 'advertisement' would attract them for monetization. After all, what non-human bot is more well funded than the silicon intelligences of the  NSA?
I feel like a plant that has just realized that if it forms flowers in a certain way, creatures of another entire nature will come and do all the hard work of pollination. This may be the biggest thing since Ogilvy's Eyepatch.

*Hopefully more successful than the self-stirring sugar cube.

**Also, no elves.

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