Paging Dr. SAMBA, paging Dr. SAMBA...

"Cancel that last page. Paging Dr. SMBD, Paging Dr. SMBD..."

Just a quick update, as I am not irritated enough for a full case of O.S.I.R.
The clock has counted off 5 hours, and I still don't have a connection between my winXP PC and my Linux Laptop. I can't hold that against anything except my inexperience at this point. I thought I was getting somewhere last night, but merely destroyed my network connection, so I called it a night.
I'm getting some error messages that look informative without actually telling me anything (R_LIMIT is the wrong size?), and I can't make it admit which of the four different copies of smb.conf it is actually using.
At any rate, I remain confident that its merely ignorance on my part that is holding me back, and another session with Google straighten everything out.

By way of comparision, it took me six hours to network two win95 boxes together the first time, and I couldn't begin to tell you how long DOS took the first time...although in the end, the problem was with the ARCNET hardware.* Lets just pretend that problem was a simple as the Dilbert cartoon about losing the token when the network plug was pulled out.

EDIT: The connection wizard automagicly solved the lack of internet. I was impressed at how smoothly it repaired. Still no Samba, though.

*Good old days? There were no good old days. Oh god, the nightmare of harddrive replacement alone...

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