"Nuts and Gum, together at last!"

"The other day, I came to the conclusion that the act of writing software is actually antagonistic all on its own. Arcane languages, cryptic errors, mostly missing (or at best, scattered) documentation - it's like someone is deliberately trying to screw with you, sitting in some Truman Show-like control room pointing and laughing behind the scenes. At some level, it's masochistic, but we do it because it gives us an incredible opportunity to shape our world." ---Chris Granger.

Damn straight its antagonistic; its also fully masochistic.
We program like this because we like to.

And after six weeks of working on Linux again, I think that's the animus primum behind that operating system. Built by programmers for programmers.

...And I can't believe this is the first time I've used a fetish tag.

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