O.S.I.R. 7 (I think - do updates count as integers?)

This is maybe a minor detail, but its really damned annoying, and I can't think of how to solve it.
The mouse lags.
Not a lot - very little, in fact, just enough to make it feel soggy and inaccurate.
I'll be the first to admit that maybe all those years of Quake and Doom II have sensitized me to draggy pointers, but its still really damned annoying. (How many times can I use that phrase?) Whats also interesting about this problem is that the pointer also has a bad case of quivering; the mouse is noticing tiny vibrations, and the pointer is displaying them.

"The predictable pointer acceleration code is an effort to remove the deficiencies of the previous acceleration code. It is intended as a drop-in replacement. Most users probably won't note it, which is ensured by reusing existing controls and aligning closely to them."

Do they mean 'note' or 'notice'?

This is the only complaint I have about using Puppy Linux for surfing the Net.
I have little interest in a machine that can only surf the Net.

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