Soylent tastes like despair

Tried Soylent today, and discovered it tasted exactly what's wrong with this century: bland, chalky and mediocre.
Humanity has thousands of years of cooking expertise, guys, couldn't you get it to taste like something interesting?
Or is its wallpaper-paste impression part of the concept?

Even Bass imagined that the Nebish's algae-based foods would be flavored calories.

And on kind of a side note, why is the blank white bottle wrapped in a blank white plastic wrapper of a different plastic type, expressly to make recycling difficult? 

All in all, I expected something other than a bottle of un-sugared Boost  wrapped in a neo-Modernist idea of a joke. Come on guys! This is the 21st century! I am open to the idea of an engineered, nutritious foodstuff. So why make a cliche? Everyone expects engineers to make boring crap; I expected you to at least be able to improve on  Pablum!*
I never thought anyone would make something more boring to eat than cheap tofu, but I guess I have been proven wrong again. I won't say a bottle of bull semen would have been more entertaining to drink (unless I was watching someone else to drink it) but I am pretty sure that if I mashed up a handful of vitamin pills into some almond milk it would have been more memorable.

Flavors, guys. Mouth feel.
You know that there is these things called vegetables that have all sorts of amazing flavors and nutrients? While I get the impression the designers grew up on chicken nuggets and Cheerios*, I am sure they must have encountered something with a savory taste, even if its accidentally before they became legal adults that could choose what they put in their mouths.

* TL;DR , invented in 1931.
**Which are neither cheerful or cheer-inducing.

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