I like to eat grapefruit.
I prefer to peel them like oranges and eat them like apples.
I dislike the way the juice runs.
Now before someone says: "Thats why they are cut in half and eaten with specific spoons" ,
I would like to emphasize that that idea takes a bowl, concentration, and two free hands.
So what I want with my grapefruit is a soft hemisphere of plastic, silicone preferably, which allows me to hold the grapefruit. Like a catchers mitt for juice. It would work for other fruit as well, of course - ( peaches, anyone?), and would be quick and easy to use and clean.
Adding a small stiff curved tab to one edge - about the size of a teaspoon's blade - would
facilitate the peeling process as well.

Anyone want to run with this idea?
Calling it the Fruit Cuddler might attract the wrong customers, though.

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