When I watched the movie Avatar, I was irritated by many things: cardboard cutout characterization(the Scientist, the Angry General), the re-hashing of other SF works(Harry Harrison's 'Deathworld', Fredrick Pohl's 'Jem', et al).
But one thing stood out the most: the feeling that I'd seen it before. At first I thought I was just channeling the 'First Encounter with Hostile Wildlife' sequence into A.E. van Vogt's jungle sequence in 'War With the Rull', but today I figured it out.
I've been sorting all my SF novels into two stacks 'Re-readable's' and 'Not Worth Reading'. I suppose I am going to have around 1500* N.W.R. novels all told, and I imagine they will end up on eBay. ("Bad SF and Fantasy! Box lots! (in)Famous authors!).
I ran into 'Symbiote's Crown' by Scott Baker.
The human-alien metamorphosis, the self-aware and hostile jungle, the handicapped hero becoming whole and hale after transmogrification...

And yeah, the book's going into the N.W.R. pile, along with 'Way-Farer' by Dennis Schmidt and "Steelheart' by William C. Dietz.
(In all fairness, at least 'Steelheart' shows imagination and adventure: charges that cannot be laid on 'Way-Farer')

*EDIT 10/2015: Ended up with 947 N.W.R. books. About two hundred were in rough  shape, too rough to honestly sell. Of the 700+ left, I gave away around 40. Unable to sell the rest at any price.
They all went to the Salvation Army in the end, and I hope to god they did not have to pay to throw them out.

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