"The Clone Chamber is heating up!"

I just watched 'Scavengers'.
Its junk.
Bad guys named things like 'Jekyll' and 'Black Divert'.
Laser beams that turn into solid rods. Wildly inappropriate emotional reactions to situations; actors acting according to very divergent ideas of  the movies tenor and scope. The movie ends on a down note, and without any resolution. message to directors: read your goddamn scripts carefully: if you are too goddamn high or stupid to notice things like a character using the word 'interesting' five goddamn times in twenty goddamn lines, get a high schooler read it for you.
I have never listened to a script that used the term 'protocol'  as many times as this film. They should have called this movie 'Protocol'.
"...We have achieved targeting protocol...'
( 'Scavenge' and 'Scavenger' run close seconds.)

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Louise Linton is pleasant on the eyes, but she is just not enough icing to make this cake edible.

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